D.Efect is a fashion label by Lithuanian designer Egle Ziemyte, which celebrates "the beauty of imperfections", whilst standing for both luxury and quality.  D.Efect’s collections are sculptural and full of contradictions, such as oversized shapes and male silhouettes tailored for the female figure, subdued colours mixed with bright; classic fabrics contrasted with innovative and outstanding ones.

   D.Efect balances the brand aesthetics on a strong alignment of construction, quality fabrics and clean lines.  Ziemyte likes to add unconventional elements or selects details that are slightly outlandish, while remaining committed to geometry, architecture and the minimalistic emphasis on the divisions in colours and textures.  D. Efect is designed for the woman who wants to stand out not only for the clothes she wears, but also for her personality, her wardrobe compliments rather than overshadows her.

   Says the designer:  "Write this down: you're beautiful, because you're imperfect."

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