Anna K

    Hailing from Kiev, Ukrainian designer Anna Kolomoets first launched her whimsical womenswear label Anna K in 2012 at 16 years of age.  Kolomoets, who changed her surname to Leo Tolstoy’s tragic protagonist, Karenina, first entered the fashion industry as a model at the age of 14.  Whilst modeling, Anna observed how designers worked, reigniting an early childhood ambition to work in fashion design.  Anna K does not just create clothes; she creates her own ‘World of Anna K’, which is full of flowers, girly dresses, playful prints and quirky captions.  

    Behind each of Anna K’s collections are ideas shaped by quirky, melancholic fairytales.  Her designs include bright knits, exaggerated collars, oversized ribbons and bows, and quirky prints.  Anna K conveys her optimistic energy into girly, playful and fun-loving designs that are both witty and sexy.  Being a street-style phenomenon herself, Anna K is also very much inspired by Street Style as well as books and Contemporary Art.

  “The best style advice is to listen to yourself and wear the clothes that suit your state of soul. Dream, love and always give a 100%.”

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Anna K

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