Based in London, MAWI jewellery is one of the world’s leading luxury accessories brand known for its lavish statement pieces, which comprise of high-end costume jewellery and accessories.  

   Led by Indian-born designer Mawi Keivom, MAWI has challenged luxury conventions by experimenting with unique designs, materials and concepts.  MAWI’s iconic, innovative and distinctly eclectic style blends contemporary design and old-fashioned glamour, supported by traditional and tribal undertones for an undeniably unique aesthetic.  

   Each piece is elegantly crafted; using rich toned jewels, ornate crystals and acrylic baubles accent pieces to create beautiful statement pieces that exude femininity in a rebellious way and transcends seasonal trends.

   “I like that whole aesthetic, not conforming and breaking boundaries.  I'm very much about tradition, it's about mixing it up with this rebellious edge."

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