Atelier Kikala

   Georgian label Atelier Kikala started life as a commercial photographic studio aftercreating clothing for the studio’s photo shoots, later developing into a labelin its own right in 2012.  

   Atelier Kikala draws together influencesfrom art as well as high fashion trends to bring an innovative and avant-gardeedge to casual clothing in its designs, striking the right balance betweentradition and innovation.  The clothesare handcrafted, and focus on texture, detailing and contemporary, sculpturalsilhouettes to create its striking statement pieces.  

   Known for their intricate use of artificial leatherand voluminous knitwear, Atelier Kikala“want to introduce elements of artand high fashion technologies in casual clothes and make everything availablefor an ordinary customer at the same time.”

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Atelier Kikala

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